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“Nothing is more important than the safety of every City of Frederick resident.

“Safety does not begin and end with law enforcement – although this element is key.  Numerous aspects of our city government – from Police and Code Enforcement to the Department of Public Works – contribute to our collective safety.  Additionally, enhanced communication with our diverse City of Frederick population – from our city government agencies and local businesses to our diverse residents and families – is a critical component to stronger collaboration, increased trust and a shared commitment to doing right by each other.” –Donna Kuzmechak

Affordable Living

"Standing for affordable living is right.

Most of us, in City of Frederick, share the same hard working values.  But let's get real.  It is an increasing challenge to both work and live within our city limits.  This must change.  As a working mom, I have fought to keep our city affordable for all working residents and families.  And I will continue to fight."  - Donna Kuzemchak 


"Total equality is right... specifically, a human right.

"Every race, color, disability, religion, gender, gender-identification, sexual orientation and socio-economic status deserves equal moral regard.  It must always remain that way.

"In the City of Frederick, we achieved a major victory in 2017.  After a 20-year struggle, the grounds of City Hall were liberated from the bust of Roger B. Taney, and moved to the grounds of Mount Olivet Cemetery.  Justice Taney wrote the Supreme Court majority ruling in the scandalous Dredd-Scott decision, which upheld the legality of slavery, and led to the Civil War.  The decision represented one of the ugliest periods in American history.  I am humbled to have led on this issue, with the support of so many city residents. In March 2017, decency reigned when the lawn of City Hall was relieved of the Taney bust.

"A fight for morality, decency, equality and human dignity is always right.  In Frederick we will continue to lead on this issue." -Donna Kuzemchak

Local Jobs/Careers & Economic Growth

“Standing for good jobs and careers is right.

“Most people desire to work in close proximity to wear they live.  When a city offers unique incentives and reliable infrastructure, people want to live there.  In the City of Frederick our fight is to continue increasing job and career opportunities that both provide solid earning potential for employees and the chance for employment longevity and confidence for business owners that their operations can thrive and contribute to economic growth.” –Donna Kuzmechak


"Advocating for city schools is always right.

"Our teachers are phenomenal.  Our students deserve great schools, resources and public support at event level.  We have made tremendous progress on after school programs and are making impressive headway on Westside Park @ Hargett Farm - a big win for our city. Let's keep it going." -Donna Kuzemchak

Smart/Balanced Growth & Historic Integrity

"Standing for smart and balanced growth is right.

"We need cooperation from citizens and businesses to ensure no one gets left behind as our city grows.  Protecting our historical integrity, while finding ways to offer new housing and business opportunity.  Ensuring we take every effort to keep traffic patterns safe and free from congestion, before making decisions that may pose unnecessary challenges to our community.  Fighting for what's right - from a downtown grocery store to smart and balanced ways to welcome visitors to all corners of our town - while protecting the historical integrity that helps to keep the City of Frederick such a pivotal community in our nation's story." -Donna Kuzemchak

Westside Park @ Hargett Farm

"Restoring the west side of Frederick city is right.

"I have been honored to lead on this issue from the start. Along with the support of countless city residents, we can revitalize our Golden Mile and its surrounding neighborhoods.  This is a fight for our kids and schools - and one we are starting to win.  We've come too far to stop now.  Let's continue to transform the now-vacant Hargett Farm into a scenic, multi-use park that both benefits west side residents, businesses, schools, and all of us in the City of Frederick." -Donna Kuzemchak



"Promoting the arts is right.

"Creativity is a life source for our kids - and our entire community.  We have a thriving arts district.  We should be proud.  But our support must not waiver.  Theatre, film, visual art, music... the City of Frederick has it all.  Let's work to keep it that way." -Donna Kuzemchak


"Leading on a clean/green environment is right.

"It is a moral responsibility to be stewards of our planet and community.  We have increased opportunities for safe removal of bulk waste, but we can do more.  We can increase green living, transportation and environmentally-friendly practices.  To protect our kids and families, we must always lead on this issue." -Donna Kuzemchak

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